Dog Shock Collar – Get The Best One For Your Dog

A dog shock collar is a very helpful equipment which help organize training for your dog. Dogs are the best friend of humans; some of their behavior is acceptable where some are completely unacceptable. So, it is equally important to make them learn some of the basic things of proper living. This is where shock collar comes useful. Many of the house owners do use these shock collars to train their dogs. There are many types of shock collars available in the market that you can choose. Each type of dog collar provides you with its own features. So, it is important to consider the features before buying the dog collar for your dog. Some of the features that you need to consider are highlighted below.

Rugged: This the most important feature to consider as dogs are animals and they test anything to the extreme. A dog collar has to be rugged so that it can withstand toughest of the scenarios. The shock collar has to be water resistant, hard so that it may not get damaged very easily as well as can withstand any kind of situation without breaking.

Multi-features: There are many types of dog collars available in the market out of which few of them provide you with multiple training modes that you can select for your dog. You can use each training mode on your dog according to the treatment that your dog may need. These modern dog collars provide you with four training modes which are light, beep, vibration and shock. You can use any of the modes to train your dog.

Rechargeable battery: These shock collars do come with an in built battery that provides power to the entire system. According to the usage and time, the battery loses its power and needs to be recharged so that it can also be used. Rechargeable battery is used because; replacing the traditional batteries will be a lot more expensive as compared to rechargeable batteries.

Long range: Each shock collar comes with its own range of functionality. Some of the shock collars are effective up to 100 yards where as many of the high end shock collars do offer a maximum range of 450 yards. If your dog is within the range, the collar will remain neutral. As the range is being crossed, the collar will give a shock to your dog which tells the dog that this is the maximum limit for him.