The difference between the cup and the mug.

The difference between the cup and the mug.

The person, who strongly wants to drink, would not deliberate what ware – a mug or a cup – to use for these purposes. He will just take the next vessel in a hand and at last, will satisfy the thirst. Then, perhaps, after all, will question himself: what does the mug differ from a cup in? Let is try to understand.

The mug is quite high hollow vessel. Its size is more than a glass. It is intended for the use of hot or cold drinks.

Cup – the low hollow vessel of small volume intended mainly for hot drinks (tea, coffee) and consumption of hot first courses (soups, broths). By the way, you can find the reviews of the best coffee cups at My Dematisse.

What is the difference between a mug and a cup? They differ is in spaciousness. That is an ability to contain a certain volume of liquid. The internal volume of a cup, as a rule, does not exceed 200 ml (though cups in a volume of 500 ml meet occasionally). In addition, the standard, habitual mug can contain up to 300-350 ml of liquid. There are cups in a volume of 0,5L or even 1,0L (for example, the intended for the beer).

Cups are used generally for a drink of tea and coffee. A usual coffee cup (for strong black coffee) contain at most 100 ml of drink, and tea (for tea, coffee with milk and cream, hot chocolate, cocoa drink) –  up to 200 ml. There is bouillon of cups that is intended for soup, with small cut contents, cream soup, vegetable or meat broth. Their volume is 400-500 ml.

The mug is using for hot (tea, coffee, cocoa), and cold drinks (milk, kvass, compote, a fruit drink, juice, beer). The range of drinks that are traditionally poured in a mug is really wide. The mug is good when it is necessary to satisfy quickly thirst. It is used often in daily life. Especially now, when the life have become a prompt and every minute is quite expensive.

The cup assumes that drink will be savored and tasted. It is connected with gradualness and slowness of absorption of drink or food. The cup (as in most cases the saucer also is applied to it) is capable of decorating a family or formal dinner party as a beautiful completion of a meal. The mug is more democratic option, today this tableware firmly lodged at many in the kitchen, directly near a sink.