Child and Baby Gates for Securing Your Stairs

Stairs in your home are one of the trickiest areas to handle for just any member of the family, even adults. Don’t you remember slipping and falling several times no matter how careful you were? Now, what about having to deal with an active baby that doesn’t know the dangers of a staircase? This is when a staircase gate comes in handy.

Easy For You, Difficult for the Kid

The stair ought to be easy for you to set up and use but hard for the kid to decipher. This is where the height of the baby comes into play because it will be useless for you to get a short gate that the baby can climb over. Most of the gates are guaranteed to prevent kids between 2-3 years old from climbing over. Additionally, test out the latch and locking mechanism to make sure it is child proof because kids are very persistent and curious.

One or Two Gates?

One of the biggest questions that will run through your mind is whether to install the gates both at the top and the bottom of the stairs. Well, the answer is a definite YES, because you can’t keep on changing the location of the gate each time the kid moves to a different room of the house.

Choose the Right Kind of Gate

Just the way it is with any other mechanical item in the house, you need to choose the best gate for the purpose. Take a peek at child & baby gates and you will find several gates on offer, each using a different locking mechanism and made out of different materials.

You get to choose a gate made of wood, metal or plastic. The choice depends on your preferences as well as the budget. You can choose the material depending on your house décor. Now, when it comes to the locking mechanism, you need to be very careful. Pressure-mounted gates might seem convenient, but they can’t give the maximum amount of security you need for securing stairs. Instead, go for hardware mounted gates due to the nature of their installation, which makes them highly secure. Retractable gates might not hold your kid at bay, especially if he is big.

Keep Them at Bay…Keep them Safe

Once you consider the height and the weight of the child, you ought to get the right staircase gate to keep them safe. Install a gate both at the top and the bottom of the gates to prevent accidents.